President’s Message

Daniel Hormaza
HAPA National President


I am honored to serve as HAPA’s President for 2021. Together we can make it a great year.
I believe in Xerox and I believe most of all the people in Xerox to make this company grow in the future years to come.
It is because of HAPA and other ERG groups within Xerox that we have been able to transform the company into a leader in diversity. HAPA was formed in 1977 with a vision to achieve a substantially higher Hispanic representation at all ranks of Xerox Corporation by promoting intake, retention, professional development & training and career advancement of HAPA members. This professional organization allows you to interact with others who have the same professional goals, and face the same professional hurdles with a common culture. It is a tool for idea sharing, mentoring and education. The key to the success of our organization is a vibrant and active membership dedicated to these goals. With that in mind, it is important for current members to reach out to other potential members within the Xerox Community.
The changes happening within the company reminder us of the need of our own organization to evolve to better meet the goals of our members. The leadership has begun that process by creating more events tailored to our members like providing multiple ways for mentoring, career plan and advancement, planning more opportunities for networking and professional development and much more.  Additionally we are looking into expanding into LATAM.

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Daniel Hormaza

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