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Recommended Resources:

  • Financial Wellness in Uncertain Times ** New **
  • HAPA: Spotting and Maximizing Your Defining Moments with Wilson Vega
  • HAPA: Preparing for the Future: A Conversation with Mike Feldman
  • Personal Branding using LinkedIn
  • Massive Open Online Courses
  • Skillsoft Leadership Advantage (SLA)
  • Harvard Stepping Up to Management
  • HAPA Life Story Panel
  • Skillsoft Percipio Learning Platform Overview and Best Practice Sharing

Financial Wellness in Uncertain Times 

If you ever feel overwhelmed by your financial situation, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly half
of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck struggling to pay their bills or save for the future.

But by adopting some important financial habits, you can feel more confident about your financial

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If you have any questions, please reach out to or the Wealth Adviser.

HAPA: Spotting and Maximizing Your Defining Moments with Wilson Vega

  • Perform!
  • (Get) engrained in your environment
  • Don’t lose your culture
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HAPA: Preparing for the Future: A Conversation with Mike Feldman

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Personal Branding using LinkedIn 

Are you interested in creating a compelling personal profile and building a strong professional network? In this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Better use LinkedIn to create a personal profile with strong content and visual appeal
  • Brand ourselves to our internal clients
  • Build and nurture our network

Click here to open link in XstreamVideo for recording of the presentation (need S3 account to access)


  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)


A transformation is taking place in the world of higher education— one which is starting to impact the corporate training market. Higher education institutions, in partnership with a series of well-funded platform and service providers, are now offering free online courses (many of which include video, rich media, and interactive assessments) authored by top college professors in the form of massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Enrolling on a MOOC course provides a unique opportunity to learn from the world top faculty with no cost!  However these courses require a commitment of time and effort to be successful, they are not for the casual learner.  MOOC courses have a start date and usually run for several weeks. Every module has assignments and there is a project at the end in most cases.  This is a lot of work but having recently completed a Finance course from Stamford, I can assure you that you will learn a ton if you complete all the Modules and  assignments.

Where do I sign up?

There are four major providers in the US:

1. Coursea
2. Khan Academy
3. Udacity
4. edX

There are hundreds of courses to choose from. Please share your experience so we can all learn more about these wonderful resources!

  SkillSoft Leadership Advantage (SLA)

Leadership Advantage

SkillSoft Leadership Advantage (SLA) is a Xerox virtual leadership development program designed by globally recognized leadership experts and is available to all Xerox employees this year. SLA is geared for busy managers and leaders who are looking to grow their skills and expertise.

SLA is comprised of critical leadership and management capabilities organized into learning tracks, including:

– Leading – Strategic Agility – Managing
– Talent Management – Working with Others – Self-Management
– Analytical Skills – Business Acumen

Each learning track offers a combination of resources including self-assessments; readings, video, and interactive practice activities to help you learn, engage and put your new skills and expertise to use right away. Most learning tracks take only two hours to complete. You can also use your SLA learning as part of your ongoing career development with your manager.

Click here for an instructional video in case you want to get a preview of the program.

To access this learning path and all learning tracks:

  •  Locate Learning Search on the Learning@Xerox Portal
  • Enter Course Code as your search criteria – SLA100P
  • Click on Search
  • Bookmark Page in Browser Favorites

  Harvard Stepping Up to Management Program

Stepping Up to Management

Stepping Up to Management Program.  Xerox has partnered with Harvard Business Publishing to offer free of charge this insightful online program that provides new managers with concepts and tools to make sense of their new roles, manage and cultivate relationships, organize specific tasks required on the job, and work with their supervisors to become truly effective managers.

Modules: you can go through all the Modules or explore the ones that are relevant to you!

  • Understanding Your New Role: discover management misconceptions, how to transition, and how to avoid common mistakes made by new managers.
  • Organizing Resources, Meetings & Times: handle administrative responsibilities efficiently, hold meetings effectively, and manage your time.
  • Working Through Others: learn to manage relationships, develop a management style, and build employee relationships based on trust.
  • Managing Performance: understand the importance of recognizing accomplishments, helping employees grow and develop their skills, setting objectives, delegating effectively, and coaching direct reports.
  • Managing a Group: discover the key elements of creating a high-performing team – establishing clear processes, clarifying communication standards, developing group norms and culture and determining team performance measures.
  • Supporting Your Boss & Organization: understand your boss’s agenda, foster an atmosphere of partnership, develop unit and individual performance goals and align those goals with the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Networking with Colleagues: cultivate relationships with people both inside and outside your organization and develop influence strategies to build and strengthen your network.
  • Evolving as a Manager: examine your transition into management, evaluate your role as a manager and leader, develop leadership skills, lead with emotional intelligence and take charge of your career.

To access this learning path and all Modules:

  • Locate Learning Search on the Learning@Xerox Portal
  • Enter Course Code as your search criteria – LP01317
  • Click on Search
  • Bookmark Page in Browser Favorites

  HAPA Life Story Panel

HAPA Life Story Panel. On this Webinar you will learn how our Panel Flor Colon, Jorge Galindez and Deena Piquion achieved success and tips on how to guide your career too!

Clic HERE for HAPA Presents_ Life Story Panel Webinar-20210915_123113-Meeting Recording


Skillsoft Percipio Learning Platform Overview and Best Practice Sharing

Learning Platform Overview and Best Practice SharingLearn about Skillsoft’s Percipio Learning Platform from Cheryl Smith to take advantage of interactive videos and courses. Hear Evelyn Truther’s best practice success story on how Percipio enabled a new internal job opportunity.

Clic HERE for TWA & HAPA Present_ Percipio Learning Platform Overview and Best Practice Sharing (Rescheduled)-20210921_120059-Meeting Recording

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